Jenny’s Final Journey

Following on from last night’s blog I can announce that Jenny’s funeral will be on Wednesday 29th February 2012, starting at 9.30am with a church service at St. Peter’s church in Woolton, followed at 11.30am with a burial at Landican cemetery on the Wirral.  The wake will be held at Brook Meadow Hotel near Childer Thornton, from noon (rooms can be booked directly with the hotel if required).  The day is an open invitation to everyone who wishes to pay their respects and the dress code will be all black.

Jenny is due to return to our home later this afternoon, where she will remain until her funeral.

As a family, our request is that instead of flowers, donations can be made through the funeral directors (payable to Marie Curie Cancer Care) which will be presented to Marie Curie in Woolton.  The details are:-

Thomas Porter & Son Ltd
66 Allerton Road
L25 7RG
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    • Dear Alexander,I agree. The global warming movement is a coalition of insane hypocrites and honest unhinged loons like you who apparently really believe that the sky is falling.CheersLM

    • Läser aldrig bloggar och hatar hela kulturen. Dock sÃ¥ blev jag lite fascinerad av din. Tycker du har väldigt vettiga Ã¥sikter om framförallt sex och relationer.Fortsätt vara fri!mvhChristoffer

    • Really trustworthy blog. Please keep updating with great posts like this one. I have booked marked your site and am about to email it to a few friends of mine that I know would enjoy reading..

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    • 12 juil 2011, 10h38 J’ai hâte ♥Le changement d’équipement des classes risque de chambouler un peu au début, mais qu’importe je m’y ferais Je le veux je le veux je le veux

    • Posted on Gilee beneerrr dah cepet banget reportasenya Yep don.. bloggerhood itu emang indah.. bayangkan cuma karena kita sama-sama ngeblog, kayaknya langsung sama-sama ngeh dan ngeblend. Itulah kehebatan ikatan blogger.Itu foto terakhir sumpah dah keren abis

    • En complément, j’ajouterai la télécommande. J’ai une bête filaire, pas chère, dans la poche, mon GX1 en bandoulière autour du cou avec son pancake 20mm, debout sans bouger, voir contre un mur ou un poteau, et une fois qu’on a analysé le cadrage que ça donnait, y’a plus qu’à… Avec un peu d’entrainement, je dois avouer que j’ai des bons résultats, surtout en traînant sur les marchés de campagne, les vendeurs étant un de mes sujets de prédilection… mais aussi les clients !

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    • Thank you so much and happy, um, bird-day a couple of weeks early! 🙂 It's very exciting that Fall is almost here. It must be so much fun to celebrate your birthday right before Independence Day. Reminds me that last year the Kennedy Center here in DC had a wonderful Mexican Bicentennial celebration during their month-long Fiesta Mexicana – is the video.

    • that’s gotta be super uncomfortable. I have just two words for this band of merry Pusters: Epsom Salts. Just get a bucket, warm water and the salts. I’m always completely amazed at the way the epsom salts draw the funk out of the wound. It’s like MAGIC! Good luck fella!

    • 9e7atanushka:c232Ой девочки, почитала я вас.. Хорошо что все так у большинства хорошо закончилось. А я вот потеряла этой осенью знакомую, которая перехаживала 2 недели — отравление околоплодными водами. Слава Богу хоть ребеночек живой. Поэтому надеюсь что перехаживать не придется.. страшно честно говоря.e2

    • I love this post of awesome randomness. And Jen's tights; they're hot! I'm not a bloody mary fan either, but my fiance is obsessed…he orders them at all hours of the day which seems weird to me. I just can't get into them…they just taste like gazpacho in a glass to me (and I don't like gazpacho either).

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  8. lesley furey


    I have only met you once (at my daughters wedding) Caz my daughter is a good friend of Gemma’s, I have been following your blog and am amazed at your strength and your absolute devotion to Jenny. I will be there to pay my respects to Jenny on Wednesday but just wanted to say that Jenny will always be in our hearts and that she fought so hard to stay with you, Gemma and Cath. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful support to Jenny.


  9. dogface

    Andy, you’re strength at this time is unbelievable. thinking of you, Gems, Cathy, Peter, Helen, Juzza and the rest of the Roberts/Roes. see you Wednedsday xxx

  10. June

    Thank you So Much….xxxxxxxxxxxx

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